Writing (archive)

BYU Magazine

“Schnozosaurus Rex”BYU’s Rod Scheetz might be glad this dino, the “nose king,” isn’t named for him.

“BYU–Mojave, An Oasis of Learning”In spite of flood damage in 2010, BYU’s Lytle Ranch Preserve is flourishing more than ever.

Art Beat: “History in the Stitches”Costume in the cinema is a work of art in itself.

Q&A: “Appreciating Orchestral Music”Not sure how to approach classical music? We asked an expert for advice and music recommendations.

Art Beat: “Simpler, Brighter, Stronger”What do you get when you mix modernism and the American Southwest? This fabulous Museum of Art exhibit.


Feature: “Science Tourism around the Globe”Maybe art museums and symphonies aren’t for everyone. Here are some must-see destinations for STEM lovers.

Culture: “Sacred Wonders of the World”Travelers of all backgrounds can find personal truths when visiting ancient, sacred sites worldwide.

Insider: “Paradise for a Penny”Sail to your dream destination without breaking the bank.


Check out my personal blog on classical themes, xenia carolina.

Also, read my post Love at Home: A New Perspective on Valentine’s Day, written for BYU’s Stance for the Family blog. (Click here to view this article as a PDF.)


“Ode to the Old Country”Five must-sees for the rustic (or urban) traveler.

“Transit Trouble?”Stories and tips for your transportation needs abroad.

“Diminished Numbers, Not Diminished Spirits”The Cougar Marching Band isn’t fazed by lower enrollment.

Mock style guide for Ancestry.com (sample): Please note, this was not in any way commissioned or reviewed by Ancestry.com.

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