Marvin’s Monster Diary 4
Neighborhood Bully
(But We Stand Up, Big Time)

It’s the clawsomest time of year: summer vacation! All Marvin and his friends want is to enjoy their turf—the park across the street—and play superheroes to their hearts’ content. But when bullies arise, so does conflict. Suddenly a power struggle erupts over playground dibs. It’s Marvin and his band of Super Scarers versus Drake the Dreadful and his too-cool-for-school minions!

But the monsters discover that bullying isn’t always black and white, good guys and bad guys. By using tools such as ST4 and a circular role-playing game, Marvin and his friends discover that defeating bullying doesn’t always mean defeating bullies.

Marvin’s Monster Diary 3
Trouble with Friends
(But I Get By, Big Time)

School’s out and summer camp’s in! When Marvin and his friends meet Joey, a lake monster with a loud mouth and few manners, it seems that Marvin is the only kid in camp who will be his friend. And Marvin’s friendship with the lake monster is causing ripples among his other friends. No one wants to be around the kid who cuts in line, or talks over them, or tells them what he really thinks about their art project. But Joey secretly wants only one thing: friends. Can Marvin help Joey learn how to make―and keep―friends?

Marvin's Monster Diary 3: Trouble with Friends cover

Praise for Trouble with Friends

“Excellent tips for making friends, as well as how to be a good friend and how to cooperate with others! . . . Accessible to kids as well as parents and teachers.”

Jessica Day George, best-selling author and mother of three

“Such a unique take on the illustrated diary genre.”

Isaac Stewart, art director at Dragonsteel/Brandon Sanderson and author

“I am always impressed by this book series—it is truly one of my favorite middle grade books, and I cannot wait to see where the authors take it next!”

Miranda Reads, book blogger, #1 best Goodreads reviewer

“[When I was a] librarian and homeschooling mother of eight children, my reluctant readers would have loved this series of books.”

Mary Potter Kenyon, author and speaker

Marvin’s Monster Diary 2 (+ Lyssa!)
ADHD Emotion Explosion
(But I Triumph, Big Time)

Meet Marvin, a lovable monster with a twelve-stringed baby-fang guitar, a rambunctious case of ADHD, emotions that sometimes overwhelm him (and others), and a diary to record it all. While Marvin got it together in Marvin’s Monster Diary: ADHD Attacks, his lab partner Lyssa’s emotional roller coaster is a bit out of control. Can he help her—and win the Science Scare Fair—before she explodes?

Marvin's Monster Diary 2 (+ Lyssa!): ADHD Emotion Explosion (But I Triumph, Big Time)

Praise for ADHD Emotion Explosion

“What a great book for every young reader. This should be in every library, school, and home.”

Midwest Book Review‘s Children’s Bookwatch

“A compelling addition to a neglected niche in children’s literature, Monster Diaries addresses difficult emotional health topics with common-sense approaches.”

School Library Journal

“A treasure of a book designed to teach kids how to take control of their minds and bodies in order to realize their full potential. Beautifully yet simply written within the framework of a very entertaining story.”

Kathryn Berla, author

More Marvin & Friends

Because I joined the series with Marvin’s Monster Diary 2, I didn’t write a few of the books in the series—but they’re really great, so check ’em out!

  • Marvin's Monster Diary: ADHD Attacks! (But I Rock It, Big Time)
  • Harriet's Monster Diary: Awfully Anxious (But I Squish It, Big Time)
  • Timmy's Monster Diary: Screen Time Stress

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