Writing: Magazines

BYU Magazine

BYU Magazine is Brigham Young University’s alumni magazine, published quarterly. As an editorial intern I wrote and edited articles, helped with social media, and handled a number of administrative tasks.

Summer 2014 issue of BYU Magazine Fall 2014 issue of BYU Magazine Cover of the winter 2015 issue of BYU Magazine Spring 2015 issue of BYU Magazine

BYU–Mojave: An Oasis for Learning

In spite of flood damage in 2010, BYU’s Lytle Ranch Preserve is flourishing more than ever.

Find Your Relatives

RelativeFinder reveals your famous ancestors.

History in the Stitches

Costume in the cinema is a work of art in itself.

Nauv-Who? The Average Citizens of Nauvoo

The average citizens of Nauvoo were just as remarkable as the more famous figures.

Q&A: Appreciating Orchestral Music

Not sure how to approach classical music? We asked an expert for advice and music recommendations.

Schnozosaurus Rex

BYU’s Rod Scheetz might be glad this dino, the “nose king,” isn’t named for him.

Simpler, Brighter, Stronger

What do you get when you mix modernism and the American Southwest? This fabulous Museum of Art exhibit.


Stowaway, spring 2015

Stowaway is a travel magazine produced by Brigham Young University. I wrote and edited articles and oversaw art and design for the spring 2015 issue.

Paradise for a Penny

Sail to your dream destination without breaking the bank.

Sacred Wonders of the World

Travelers of all backgrounds can find personal truths when visiting ancient, sacred sites worldwide.

Science Tourism around the Globe

Maybe art museums and symphonies aren’t for everyone. Here are some must-see destinations for STEM lovers.