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In addition to writing the Stowaway travel articles below, I also designed them. Click an image to view the full article.

Science Tourism

Science Tourism around the Globe: Maybe art museums and symphonies aren’t for everyone. Here are some must-see destinations for STEM lovers.

Religious architecture

Sacred Wonders of the World: Travelers of all backgrounds can find personal truths when visiting ancient, sacred sites worldwide.

Cruises on a budget

Paradise for a Penny: Sail to your dream destination without breaking the bank.



xenia carolina blog

Check out my personal blog on classical themes.

Love at Home: A New Perspective on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be only for your significant other.


The Syntactic Pair Heaven and Earth in Nineteenth-­Century Literature: capstone paper published in Brigham Young University’s Schwa, volume 13, in which I document nine different definitions of the syntactic pair heaven and earth as used in nineteenth-century literature.


Ode to the Old Country (magazine writing): Five must-sees for the rustic (or urban) traveler.

Transit Trouble? (magazine writing): Stories and tips for your transportation needs abroad.

Diminished Numbers, Not Diminished Spirits (magazine writing): The Cougar Marching Band isn’t fazed by lower enrollment.

Mock style guide for Ancestry.com (sample): Please note, this was not in any way commissioned or reviewed by Ancestry.com.

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