Happy book birthday to me and Dr. Melmed! Celebrate with a launch day giveaway

"Launch day giveaway" graphic featuring a cartoon rocket blasting off and the cover of Marvin's Monster Diary 2

TODAY’S THE DAY! I am beyond thrilled to announce that Marvin’s Monster Diary 2 (+ Lyssa!): ADHD Emotion Explosion has officially hit the shelves! To celebrate, I’m hosting giveaways on Instagram and Facebook—click through for details! And feel free to enter both giveaways!

About the book:

Meet Marvin, a lovable monster with a twelve-string baby fang guitar, a rambunctious case of ADHD, emotions that sometimes overwhelm him (and others), and a diary to record it all. While Marvin got it together in Marvin’s Monster Diary: ADHD Attacks, his lab partner Lyssa’s emotional roller coaster is a bit out of control. Can he help her—and win the Science Scare Fair—before she explodes?

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