IT’S HERE! Making friends in Marvin’s Monster Diary 3: Trouble with Friends

“Okay, Marvin, slow down and smell the s’mores next time.” I’ve learned that whenever I stop and think, things go so much better—so that’s what I did.

Marvin helped Lyssa tame her emotional looper coaster in Marvin’s Monster Diary 2: ADHD Emotion Explosion. Now he must help Joey, a brash and loud-mouthed lake monster, make summer camp friends—or else Marvin may lose his own friends in the process.

Marvin's Monster Diary 3: Trouble with Friends cover

Full of puns and summer camp fun, Marvin’s Monster Diary 3: Trouble with Friends finds Marvin and company having an upROARiously good time at summer camp: between games, crafts, and other outdoor fun, Marvin and his friends also learn outdoor survival skills—and friendship skills. These new skills are put to the test as friend and foe must cooperate to complete the Wilderness Warrior Survival Sprint. Can Marvin make a new friend and finish the Survival Sprint without losing his old friends?

I am thrilled to share this story with you and the kids in your life. I hope they feel empowered to blaze new friendships and strengthen old ones using ST4 and this fun summer camp adventure!

Marvin and new friend, lake monster Joey, laughing together
Illustrated by Arief Kriembonga, courtesy of Familius.

Grab your copy today!

The book is available online wherever books are sold!

Not ready to buy yet? No problem. Add it to your TBR on Goodreads, then request it from your local library! (If you don’t see it in the library catalog, look for a purchase request form on their website. If librarians know their patrons are interested in a particular book, they may add it to their circulation!)

Praise for Marvin’s Monster Diary 3

“Excellent tips for making friends, as well as how to be a good friend and how to cooperate with others! The story is cute and fun, the pictures are great, and the helpful tips are clear and concise, making them accessible to kids as well as parents and teachers.” —Jessica Day George, bestselling author and mother of three

“Such a unique take on the illustrated diary genre.” —Isaac Stewart, art director at Dragonsteel/Brandon Sanderson and author

“I am always impressed by this book series—it is truly one of my favorite middle grade books, and I cannot wait to see where the authors take it next!” —Miranda, book reviewer from Miranda Reads

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