Marvin’s Monster Diary book read-alouds for World Read Aloud Day 2021

It’s World Read Aloud Day! How are you celebrating?

Me? Two ways!

First: LitWorld and I are co-releasing a read-aloud video I recorded in celebration of the day! You can watch it on IGTV or show it in your classroom from a web browser—the Virtual Read-Alouds page on, under Author Read-Alouds!

Second: Today’s a big day for me. I’ll be doing my very first school visits, where I’ll Zoom in to two classrooms to read aloud from Trouble with Friends (Marvin’s Monster Diary 3). Maybe even a sneak peek at Neighborhood Bully (Marvin’s Monster Diary 4) . . . 🙂

I’m very excited to talk to some super cool elementary schoolers today! Though I’m admittedly nervous too, since it’ll be my first school visit. I’m going to be doing a lot of ST4’ing today to manage my nerves!  #mindfulness

Want me to do a virtual visit for your school? Or an author event for your bookstore or library? Send me a message, and let’s chat!

ST4 badges, all colored in

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