[PRESS RELEASE] Face-off against a draconic bully gets heated: Marvin’s Monster Diary 4 coming July 2021

SANGER, Calif., July 2021—It’s the best time of the year: summer vacation! And Marvin the Monster and his friends are ready for some fun at the park! There’s just one big problem standing in the way: Drake the Dreadful, neighborhood bully.

When Drake begins popping up everywhere, Marvin and his friends can’t seem to catch a break. But they soon discover that bullying is more complex than they thought. With the help of an ingenious role-playing game they devise (inspired by the superheroes they love), as well as their brilliant ADHD mindfulness tools that help them stop and think, Marvin’s friends must face the problem head-on—fire breath and all.
Wrapped up in a delightful, fast-paced story with illustrations on every page, this book will appeal to readers ages 5 to 11 years—and their parents!

Marvin’s Monster Diary 4: Neighborhood Bully (But We Stand Up, Big Time) is an important book for any child experiencing bullying—whether as the target or as the perpetrator.

Marvin’s hilarious doodles and diary entries chronicle his delightful adventures, misadventures, and eventual triumph in a funny, relatable way.

Book Details

Title: Marvin’s Monster Diary 4: Neighborhood Bully (But We Stand Up, Big Time)
Authors: Raun Melmed with Caroline Bliss Larsen
Illustrator: Arief Kriembonga
Publisher: Familius
Publication: July 6, 2021
Format: Paperback
Price: 12.99 (US)
ISBN: 9781641704632
# of pages: 116

*Available from bookstores, online booksellers, and directly from www.familius.com.

About the Authors

Raun D. Melmed, MD, FAAP, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, is the director of the Melmed Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, and co-founder and medical director of the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center. He is the author of Autism: Early Intervention; Autism and the Extended Family; and a series of books on mindfulness for children: Marvin’s Monster Diary: ADHD Attacks!, Timmy’s Monster Diary: Screen Time Stress, Harriet’s Monster Diary: Awfully Anxious, Marvin’s Monster Diary 2 (+ Lyssa!): ADHD Emotion Explosion, Marvin’s Monster Diary 3: Trouble with Friends, and the next in the series, Marvin’s Monster Diary 4: Neighborhood Bully.

Caroline Bliss Larsen edits online courses by day and writes and edits novels by night. She is also the coauthor of Marvin’s Monster Diary 2 (+ Lyssa!): ADHD Emotion Explosion, Marvin’s Monster Diary 3: Trouble with Friends, and Marvin’s Monster Diary 4: Neighborhood Bully. She earned a degree in English linguistics, literature, and editing. To clear her head of words from time to time, she enjoys Irish dancing and playing board games with her husband.

About the Illustrator

Arief Kriembonga is a children’s and comic book illustrator, a UI/UX and graphic designer, and a single-origin coffee connoisseur who lives with his wife and one beloved daughter in Jakarta, Indonesia.

About the Publisher

Familius is a global trade publishing company that publishes books and other content to help families be happy. We believe that the family is the fundamental unit of society and that happy families are the foundation of a happy life. We recognize that every family looks different, and we passionately believe in helping all families find greater joy. To that end we publish books for children and adults that invite families to live the Familius Nine Habits of Happy Family Life: love together, play together, learn together, work together, talk together, heal together, read together, eat together, and laugh together. Founded in 2012, Familius is located in Sanger, California.


Kate Farrell, director of public relations

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